Refrigeration Coils Matter

frozen refrigeration lines next to condensing coils

Are you sweating over high energy bills or an AC that just doesn’t cut it? The secret to a cooler, more efficient home could be hiding right outside—in your AC’s condenser coils. Dive into our latest blog to find out why these coils are your HVAC system’s unsung heroes, and how easy maintenance could save you money and headaches

The Lifesaver in Our Homes: HVAC Equipment

Ac install by sinclair air systems

Feeling the heat? Discover AC install options that offer not just cool air but also significant energy savings. Dive in to find your perfect fit for a comfortable, cost-effective summer

Guide to Understanding AC Systems, Installation, and Types

Condenser unit being installed in the backyard of a Sinclair Air Systems customer's home in Covina, illustrating our high-quality AC installation services

Explore the latest cooling solutions, learn about installation, and discover how Sinclair Air Systems can make your home or office a comfort oasis. Stay cool, informed, and in control – your journey to ultimate comfort starts here!

How Does AC Work?​

Image of a rooftop condenser unit, a key component in HVAC systems, installed on top of a commercial building against a clear sky. The metal casing and cooling fans are visible, symbolizing the essential process of heat exchange in air conditioning.

From the refrigerant’s magic to the engineered movement of air through ductwork, the process of air conditioning is a marvel that keeps us comfortable year round. If you’re in need of quality air conditioning services in Covina or the surrounding areas, our comprehensive guide offers insights and our expert team is here to keep you cool.

When is it time for service?

The temperature had soared, leaving no room for discomfort in the sweltering heat. Among them, a curious question buzzed in the minds of homeowners and businesses alike: When is it time for service? At the heart of the community stood Sinclair Air, a reputable and trusted name in HVAC services.

Seer Rating is changing next year!

While specific details surrounding the new SEER rating methodology remain under wraps, speculations abound that it will incorporate a holistic approach, considering various factors such as real-world energy consumption, the integration of renewable energy sources, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.